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    Successful Hunter - 2018

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    Successful Hunter July-August 2019

    This issue features Wyoming Pronghorn, Eleven Days - The Bull of a Lifetime, Mountain Goats & Blacktails, Overlooked Whitetails, Alaska Brown Bear, and much more.

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    Duck Hunting
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    As this is written in early May, sheets of rain are soaking the Arizona highlands, and gusting winds are buffeting trees in the neighborhood. Outside it sounds and “feels” like duck-hunting weather. Old memories are dredged up as the rain hammers down. ...Read More >


    Predator & Prey

    Stalking Predators
    column by: Gordy J. Krahn

    The coyotes weren’t having it. My hunting buddy and I had called up several prime Alberta dogs during the past two hours, only to watch them circle wide of our setups and disappear – most likely the result of hunting/calling pressure, and the fact that there was only a skiff of snow on the landscape and rodents were rampant. These fat and sassy canines could afford to be cautious and were taking full advantage. ...Read More >


    Backcountry Bound

    Saddle Up – For the First Time
    column by: Jack Ballard

    I do not specifically remember my first horseback ride, but I do recall the pony. “Pretzel” was a crossbred Quarter Horse/Arabian mare, a seasoned cow-horse and my dad’s favorite mount when it came time to go hunting. Early experiences involved leading the steady horse along a rail fence upon which I could scramble up to reach its back, whether saddled or bareback. I loved the feeling of being atop the horse, feeling it move (most of the time) at my commands. The first time she shifted from a jolting trot into an effortless canter, it seemed the whole of the earth was flowing under hooves and heaven rolling before my face. ...Read More >


    Wyoming Pronghorn

    Stalking Bucks in Carbon County
    feature by: Gary Lewis

    In the “moon of drying grass” when the clouds were heavy on the Sierra Madre, we hunted the pronghorn the Arapaho called nisicehiini. It was late in the season, halfway through October. Wisps of snow, illumined by the lights in a few windows, blew down the streets of Saratoga, Wyoming. ...Read More >

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