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    Successful Hunter - 2018

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    Successful Hunter September-October 2019

    This issue features Solo Elk, Muley Migration, Six Tags Filled, OTC July Blacktail, Early Season Muleys, and much more.

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    Polaris RANGER Launches Accessory Packages for Big Game and Waterfowl Hunters


    As an invaluable workhorse, Polaris RANGER has helped hunters get to secluded hunt locations, hau... ...Read More >


    MTM® CASE-GARD™ Offer’s New All Weather Shotshell Field and Range Case


    Since 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. From am... ...Read More >


    Mossberg® Releases 500® Centennial Limited Edition Shotgun


    The Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun is designed for reliable, smooth operation with the combinat... ...Read More >

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    From the Editor

    New Website
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    Publisher’s note: We are currently redesigning our websites for each of Wolfe Publishing’s magazines. Please check out our new website at www.successfulhunter.com. ...Read More >


    Going Public

    First High-Country Bull
    column by: Brad Fenson

    Thousands of men and women take to the field every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery on public lands, spend time with friends and, hopefully, provide meat for their families. When Foster Bartholow was asked to go on a DIY elk hunt in Colorado with good friends, he jumped at the chance. After accepting the invitation, he toiled to create a checklist, buy the right camping and hunting gear and, most importantly, train for hunting at close to 11,000 feet in elevation. ...Read More >



    The Big-Game Bird
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    Pinning down exactly when red-legged partridges, or chukars, were first brought to the U.S. is somewhat difficult due largely to the fact that some western states where they are hunted list no date of release, or only the date when seasons were opened for sport hunting. Research revealed that perhaps the very first birds were imported from modern day Pakistan in the early 1830s. To my knowledge, the earliest hunting literature describing chukars and chukar hunting dates back to the late 1930s. ...Read More >


    Predator & Prey

    Hunting Alone or Otherwise
    column by: Gordy J. Krahn

    I get this question a lot: “How can you drive all that way by yourself – don’t you get bored?” The truth is, I enjoy long road trips when I am the sole occupant in the truck. I can listen to the music I like, at the volume I like; stop whenever I like, for as long as I like; and just get lost in my thoughts as the miles drift by. The same goes for predator hunting – at least to a degree. While I enjoy sharing the experience with a buddy, there are those times when I’d rather go it alone. ...Read More >

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