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    Successful Hunter - 2018

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    Successful Hunter (March - April 2020)

    This issue features Howling Hounds, Pronghorn Plus, Too Many Elk, Black Bear on Sheep Mountain, New Zealand, and much more.

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    Stocky’s Debuts New Lightweight Classic Walnut Accublock® 700 Collection


    Stocky’s is pleased to announce the debut of their new Classic Checkered Walnut Collection of upg... ...Read More >


    Lyman’s Laser Boresighters


    Lyman’s Laser Boresighters are the most convenient and accurate way to sight in your rifles.... ...Read More >


    Polaris RANGER Launches Accessory Packages for Big Game and Waterfowl Hunters


    As an invaluable workhorse, Polaris RANGER has helped hunters get to secluded hunt locations, hau... ...Read More >

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    From The Editor

    Readers' Hunts
    column by: Lee Hoots

    From the dawn of time, hunting has largely been a social affair, and for most of us that hasn’t changed. Beginning in the fall of 2015, Successful Hunter has shared success stories written by hunters whose names do not appear on our masthead listing of regular contributors. These new bylines, and the well-written stories of public land success that follow them have piqued a great deal of interest. There is a reason for this. Tales of antlered game adventure and success typed out by hunters one might bump into on a dirt road or on a high-country ridgeline on public ground during bow or rifle season are inspiring. ...Read More >


    Going Public

    column by: Brad Fenson

    Kateline Tucker grew up in Minnesota where she hunted white-tailed deer with her family. They targeted deer in forested areas, meaning they spent most days in a tree stand to increase visibility. Even with an elevated stand, most shots were 50 yards or closer. After moving to Wyoming, the vista changed to wide-open country, and practicing for shooting longer distances was simply good planning. ...Read More >



    Binocular Lessons
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    There are some essential tools every public land hunter needs to be successful, but the newest clothing, most accurate rifle/cartridge, biggest pickup, trick broadheads and fletching or global positing system unit can’t hold a candle to good binoculars. Two recent events served as reminders that a hunter can’t shoot a buck or bull if he can’t find one, and for that, binoculars can be the critical element. ...Read More >


    Backcountry Bound

    Mule Deer Glory Days
    column by: Jack Ballard

    They scared me. Not during the daylight hours, but at night. At some point as a lad sleeping in a bedroom with two older brothers, I became consciously aware of the presence of creatures in my room. ...Read More >

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