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    Forgive me if I have used the word “fortitude” as the title of this column before, but in many ways fortitude can decide the outcome of a hunt. According Merriam-Webster, it can be taken to mean “strength of mind that enables a person to encounter adversity with courage.”

    It was the word that first came to mind when reading about Jimmy Unmacht’s account of hunting pronghorn with a bow after drawing what might as well be considered the tag of a lifetime. “My goal was to stalk a buck; I did not want to sit in a blind on a waterhole.”

    To me that sounds like fortitude. Having spent many of my early years hunting mostly with a bow (much of that time with a recurve or a longbow), I thought it was an admirable stand to take.

    Further reading ­– and a couple of phone calls – revealed this young Arizona man is a dedicated bowman, and there’s no telling how serious he will become as the years go by. However, you can read his feature “Archery Adventures” in this issue and realize Jimmy’s already hooked on the stick and string. What’s more, he’s surrounded himself with friends who are just as serious. He’s a young man on a mission to hunt hard – and often.

    I am certain readers, bowhunters and riflemen alike, will appreciate this first-time author sharing his memorable year as much as I did.

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