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    Hunter Safety System’s ElimiShield Harness

    Three of Hunter Safety System’s most popular safety harnesses now offer ElimiShield Scent Control Technology, a unique approach to controlling human odor at the source before it forms. By pretreating the Elite, Contour and Hybrid Flex harnesses with ElimiShield during the manufacturing process, a bond is formed that controls more than 90 percent of human odor, even after 50 commercial washes.

    Unlike silver and other technologies used in other products, the ElimiShield-treated article mechanically kills odor-causing bacteria, which cannot develop immunity to it. The long-lasting product is environmentally friendly, does not leach, is not irritating or poisonous. It also protects the products from “souring” after being exposed to sweat and moisture while in use and then packed away in storage during the off-season.

    The new Hybrid, Elite and Contour harnesses featuring the ElimiShield Scent Control Technology also have new MOLLE attachment points on the shoulders to attach a flashlight for hands-free illumination while in the field. This is especially important while ascending and descending a treestand in the dark before and after the hunt. The Elite retails for $159.95, the Contour is $139.95 and the Hybrid Flex harness is $129.95.    hssvest.com

    IMR Enduron 8133

    Enduron 8133 joins the Enduron family, which is known for the elimination of copper fouling, extreme temperature stability, and it is environmentally friendly. This powder is designed specifically for magnum cartridges such as .300 Remington Ultra Mag, .28 Nosler or the .264 Winchester Magnum, among many others. IMR-8133 is the slowest-burning powder among the Enduron line of powders and compares in burn rate to Hodgdon Retumbo. It is a good option for large magnum-caliber handloads.

    IMR-8133 powder is expected to ship in mid 2018 and should be found at most retailers who sell reloading products. The powder is available in one-pound and 8-pound canisters.    imrpowder.com

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