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    Hunting Gear

    Federal Premium Edge TLR Hunting Ammunition

    The new Edge TLR line of rifle ammunition combines the features of good bullet design with bonding technology. The result is match accuracy and reliable expansion at extremely long range, with high weight retention, deep penetration and lethal terminal performance at shorter distances. The Edge TLR bullet uses the Slipstream tip to initiate expansion. The tip is also crafted from a heat-resistant polymer for consistent ballistics. At close range, the bullet’s copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for deep penetration. Its long, sleek profile offers a high ballistic coefficient, and AccuChannel groove technology improves accuracy and reduces drag across the range spectrum.      vistaoutdoor.com

    Bog-Pod Rapid Shooting Rest

    The Bog-Pod Rapid Shooting Rest is compact, collapsible and portable, making it a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum and polymers, including a twist lock-type main elevation adjustment, the rest gives the shooter a full 360-degree view for target acquisition. The Rapid Shooting Rest has a min/max deployed height of 7 to 11 inches and weighs 21.6 ounces.  It’s easy to store in a backpack and sets up quickly for making an accurate shot. MSRP $44.95      btibrands.com

    Lyman Revolution Gun Vise

    The Revolution is engineered with a full range of adjustments for firearm manipulation. It accomodates tilt-barrel rifles and most handguns by using clamps and inserts to securely hold firearms. The vise secures break-open pistols and swing-out cylinder revolvers firmly, allowing for easier use of cleaning rods. The Revolution features mounting holes that can be used to secure it to a surface. Padded contact points protect the firearm during cleaning, maintenance or gunsmithing and bore sighting.      lymanproducts.com

    Etymotic GunSport PRO Earplugs

    These new high-definition, noise-filtering earplugs resist movement from firearm recoil and provide protection against muzzle blasts. The GunSport PRO uses highly sensitive components and proprietary audio signal processing that, with the flip of a convenient switch, amplifies sound up to five times for enhanced awareness and facilitates better communication with fellow hunters out in the field. $399 per pair.    etymotic.com

    Sportsman Series Adventure Medical Kits

    Each of the four Sportsman Series portable medical kits is specially designed for hunters and fishermen. Every kit contains supplies to treat blisters, stabilize fractures and clean penetration wounds. The Grizzly kit includes a reference manual written by Eric Weiss containing illustrations and detailed information on properly using kit components. Prices range from $26 for the Steelhead kit up to $125 for the Grizzly kit.      adventuremedicalkits.com

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