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    Sidewinder and Sidewinder XL

    Designed to bridge the gap between archery hunting and competition bow sights, the Sidewinder series provides the fastest, easiest and most precise elevation adjustments of any single-pin sight on the market. The Sidewinder and the Sidewinder XL, with its longer sight radius and windage micro-adjustment capability, are useful on the 3D course and in the field.

    The series features a true competition-style up-pin that is both thin and low profile so target blocking is extremely minimal. The stainless steel up-pin encapsulates and protects the 24-inch-long fiber-optic strand. The strand wraps around the housing above a reflective strip for maximum light gathering, which also makes replacement easy. The Sidewinder is available with a choice of three fiber-optic diameters: .010, .015 or .019 inch.

    The elevation system is the most unique feature of the Sidewinder design; functional, intuitive and quick to adjust. It requires no lock screw, handle or knob to be loosened before adjusting for distance. The archer simply turns the four-winged aluminum Sidewinder knob at the back of the sight to set it to the desired yardage. Operation is quite smooth thanks to the Delrin thermoplastic gear-driven transfer system, and the sight housing remains horizontal throughout the range of travel. The sight can travel from its top-most position 2 inches down to the bottom position in less than one full turn of the knob. A .030-inch stainless steel pin on the Sidewinder transfer bar corresponds to a strip of white tape on the rearmost surface of the sight. This allows the user to precisely mark distances for the specific equipment being used, and it can be replaced if the equipment setup is changed.

    The aluminum sight housing has a 2-inch aperture threaded to accept optional Zeiss coated lenses for competition, or an optional shade housing and sight light for competition or hunting. A highly visible .35-inch diameter, one-inch-long bubble level is located at the bottom of the housing. The housing unit has elevation and windage adjustments that require use of an Allen wrench to fine-tune head position. In addition to its longer sight radius, the XL also incorporates a micro-adjustable windage system secured by a lever lock. A micro-adjustment system allows precise sighting-in adjustments in the field. The Sidewinder measures 6.75 inches in length and weighs 7.5 ounces; the XL is 8.5 inches long and weighs 10.2 ounces.

    Sidewinder bow sights are manufactured in the U.S. and are constructed of the highest quality materials – hard-coat-anodized 6016 T6 aluminum, Delrin, brass and stainless steel up-pin and stainless steel hardware – for maximum durability. Both sights carry Viper Archery Products’ limited lifetime warranty.


    Federal Edge TLR Ammunition

    Federal’s Edge TLR ammunition blends the features of top match bullet designs with the industry’s best bonding technology and components. The loads offer match-grade accuracy and reliable expansion at low velocities. They also provide high weight retention, deep penetration and lethal terminal performance up close.

    Terminal performance is a result of the bullet’s ability to penetrate straight through its target and unleash energy along the way. This requires the front of the bullet to expand uniformly when it hits the target. Edge TLR expands at a wide range of velocities. At all distances, the ammunition reliably expands within the first couple inches of entering the target and punches straight through, dumping energy in the process. A carefully designed nose paired with a completely new polymer tip helps make this possible.

    A small cavity runs the length of the shank all the way up to just below the point itself. That point breaks free upon impact, allowing fluid to enter the hollow core, where it generates pressure and expansion. A large hollow cavity in the bullet nose, along with exterior jacket skiving, further aid expansion and penetration. Serrations allow petals to peel back on contact at velocities as low as 1,350 fps.

    Edge TLR features extremely high ballistic coefficients (BC). To boost BC, Federal engineers gave the Edge TLR several important design features, including the small-diameter Slipstream polymer tip and a secant ogive. A sleek, elongated boat-tail profile is another critical part of the performance package, and longer boat-tails yield higher BCs. The tradeoff is lengthy tails can reduce stability. To conquer this, Federal engineers determined the optimal boat-tail angle and extend the length as far as possible without risking bullet stability.

    To further boost BC, engineers selected bullet weights as heavy for caliber as possible while still maintaining stability through the different barrel twist rates common in today’s wide array of hunting rifles. Edge TLR provides some of the highest BCs in the industry. Doppler radar was used to verify that the 175-grain .30 caliber has a BC of .536, while the 200-grain version has a BC of .625.

    Edge TLR also features grooving along the shank to improve accuracy across a range of rifles while decreasing barrel wear and fouling. Unlike conventional grooving, the AccuChannel technology used in Edge TLR accomplishes these goals with only a minimal increase in drag. Edge TLR ammunition is available in select calibers.


    Meopta HD Binoculars

    Meopta USA Sport Optics announced its Optika HD bin-ocular line. Available in 8x and 10x 42mm versions, these lightweight, rugged magnesium-alloy binoculars are encased in a newly designed shock-proof, rubber-armored exterior for a modern look and feel. Advanced HD lenses combined with phase-correction and dielectric coatings deliver brightness, superior color fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness and increased contrast, allowing hunters to see better in low light.

    Optika HD binoculars feature Meopta’s MeoShield anti-abrasion lens coatings and MeoDrop hydrophobic lens coatings that repel rain, dust and grease from lens surfaces. The twist-up eyecups are metal with a soft rubber exterior, making them extremely durable and comfortable while eliminating the risk of breakage in the field. They are also designed for easy removal and cleaning since eyecups often collect dirt and debris. Like all Meopta binoculars, the Optika HD series is nitrogen purged and fully sealed for fog-proof and waterproof performance.


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