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    Duck Hunting
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    As this is written in early May, sheets of rain are soaking the Arizona highlands, and gusting winds are buffeting trees in the neighborhood. Outside it sounds and “feels” like duck-hunting weather. Old memories are dredged up as the rain hammers down. ...Read More >


    Predator & Prey

    Stalking Predators
    column by: Gordy J. Krahn

    The coyotes weren’t having it. My hunting buddy and I had called up several prime Alberta dogs during the past two hours, only to watch them circle wide of our setups and disappear – most likely the result of hunting/calling pressure, and the fact that there was only a skiff of snow on the landscape and rodents were rampant. These fat and sassy canines could afford to be cautious and were taking full advantage. ...Read More >


    Backcountry Bound

    Saddle Up – For the First Time
    column by: Jack Ballard

    I do not specifically remember my first horseback ride, but I do recall the pony. “Pretzel” was a crossbred Quarter Horse/Arabian mare, a seasoned cow-horse and my dad’s favorite mount when it came time to go hunting. Early experiences involved leading the steady horse along a rail fence upon which I could scramble up to reach its back, whether saddled or bareback. I loved the feeling of being atop the horse, feeling it move (most of the time) at my commands. The first time she shifted from a jolting trot into an effortless canter, it seemed the whole of the earth was flowing under hooves and heaven rolling before my face. ...Read More >


    Telegraph Creek

    Trophies of the Chase
    column by: Terry Wieland

    Eighty miles west of St. Louis on the Missouri River is the hamlet of Rhineland, perched a few feet above a flood plain which, when not under water, is beautiful farmland. It was settled a couple of centuries ago by German immigrants, who brought many facets of their culture with them. ...Read More >


    From the Editor

    Phillppe's Bull
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    After 40 years of hunting throughout North America, a bit in southern Africa and a bit less in other far-flung localities plus nearly 30 years in the outdoor publishing business as a writer and editor, I still find the passion and/or dedication relayed as hunting yarns by fellow sportsmen to be enlightening. Perhaps this is due to realizing at an early age that people and places are far more relevant than a dead deer, elk or whatever. ...Read More >


    Going Public

    Muzzleloader Muley Buck
    column by: Brad Fenson

    Hunting Colorado mule deer with a muzzleloader is an every-year event for Kevin Hayes. He has drawn the same unit and season as a first choice for three years in a row. Kevin spends time on the trails during the summer to scout for mule deer and knows his hunting area well. ...Read More >


    Wyoming Pronghorn

    Stalking Bucks in Carbon County
    feature by: Gary Lewis

    In the “moon of drying grass” when the clouds were heavy on the Sierra Madre, we hunted the pronghorn the Arapaho called nisicehiini. It was late in the season, halfway through October. Wisps of snow, illumined by the lights in a few windows, blew down the streets of Saratoga, Wyoming. ...Read More >


    Eleven Days

    The Bull of a Lifetime
    feature by: Phillippe Freeman

    I was prone on the crest of a ridge in 2 inches of snow for an hour with the biggest bull in 40 years of hunting in the crosshairs, waiting for the shot. This can test a man, I thought. The bull was asleep with its rear turned to the business end of a magnum .338. There was no choice but to wait. A light breeze blew along the barrel. There had been time to calm down and set up due to the lifting fog that provided cover to get into position. ...Read More >


    Mountain Goats & Blacktails

    Memorable Days on Kodiak
    feature by: Drew Kress

    I waited in line at the Anchorage airport with my dad and two brothers, stuck in a daydream, wondering what I was about to encounter on this trip. After hours of the plane ride had passed, I found myself at the Kodiak Municipal Airport, overwhelmed with excitement. We grabbed our luggage and hunting equipment, then made our way to the boat harbor to meet the transporters for the trip. ...Read More >


    Overlooked Whitetails

    Find bucks where no one else hunts.
    feature by: Jack Ballard

    White on white – my eyes almost failed to register the lifting of a deer’s long, pale tail against a backdrop of snow. The motion froze my footsteps in order to discern the form of a whitetail at the edge of an aspen grove downslope. Seconds later, another tail jerked erect. Two yearling does, likely twins from the previous year’s fawn crop, were staring directly at me, their supple necks craned to peer directly past their backsides and upright tails. ...Read More >


    Alaska Brown Bear

    A hunter’s luck holds out.
    feature by: Ron Gayer

    Jeff Ciallella is, I would say, new to hunting. He got excited about hunting after attending a hog-hunting seminar; and after a string of one-shot hog kills decided to expand his game list and chase a few big bears! His first bear hunt was for a California black bear. Now, you can call it luck, or maybe the “hunting gods” provided the perfect scenario for a black bear hunt. There was a large fire after a prolonged drought that provided a new crop of acorns and many displaced bears ­– the perfect storm for bear hunting. ...Read More >


    Hunting Gear

    Kestrel 5700 Hornady 4DOF Ballistics Weather Meter
    whatsnew by: None

    The Kestrel 5700 is a full-featured ballistics calculator. This integrated IP-67 waterproof weather meter and ballistics solver takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting. The Kestrel 5000 Series offers a large, high-resolution display for easy reading. It also includes a strong polycarbonate lens and LiNK iOS and Android wireless connectivity with app support. The 5700 is able to withstand harsh environments without damage. ...Read More >

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